These two teams will face off in the ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe. Both of these teams are not as popular as they belong to the tier 2 level. However, there are a couple of reasons why I fancy this match-up.


This Russian CS:GO organization has been around for a while now. Most of their roster is based on experienced players, such as DavCost and Dima. Furthermore, they enjoy playing loose and aggressive style of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, and their strategy is mainly based on them getting picks and following up with an execute on one of the bomb sites. Their best player somedieyoung has to put a lot of effort into every game they play because he is the guy who has to get impact kills for team Spirit. But he has not been thrilling as of late, if he struggles, the entire team will struggle as well, just because they are heavily relying on him.


Another Danish organization that enjoys playing structured, methodic and slow style of CS:GO. Furthermore, they mostly play as a unite, as they always go in pairs to trade each other out. And as you know trades will always favor the Terrorist side, and Fragsters are an excellent T-side team. Furthermore, if they run into a brick wall, there is always refrezh to get them out. He is a prospect for the future, a very talented player who will always step up once called upon, the only thing he is lacking is experience, which he will get over time.


These two teams played against each other 2 times. Both times, Danish organization came out on top. First on Mirage, where they dominated team Spirit, secondly on Dust 2, a real nail-biter, which ended up with 16-14 scoreline. So far in ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe, team Spirit played a total of 11 games, as they won 4 and lost 7. On the other hand, Fragsters only played 6 games. They won 4 and lost 2.

If we are to compare their round differences we can easily see that team Spirit is getting dominated. They have a huge minus when it comes to round difference, a total of -34, while Fragsters have a +9 difference. Fragsters only lost to LDLC(1st place at the moment), and versus team Flow, a 4rh ranked team in the league. On the other hand, team Spirit lost to numerous bad teams, and it is clear as day that they are in a slump, as their best player is struggling.


Once I have compared these two teams, I can see a huge potential in Fragster. They have a better map pool, they are playing much better in the league, and they are playing as a team, not as individuals. However, team Spirit is always relying on one guy to get them the win, as they severely lack firepower. In my personal opinion, Fragsters will dominate team Spirit today.

FRAGSTERS TO WIN – [email protected]

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