As most of you know, Vitality is a new formed French roster, basically a super team. They have been formed not even a month ago, and they are already terrorizing their opponents. Vitality opponent’s for today’s match is going to be German roster Sprout. A  team whos form is mostly hot and cold, and they are very unpredictable.



As I mentioned above, this is a newly formed team, who has to play all the minor qualifiers in order to attend the Major. They have some of the best French players in their roster, and one of the biggest CS:GO prospect in 2018, Zywoo. They are also filled with experienced players such as NBK, Apex, Happy, and RpK. At the moment, this is probably the best French Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team. However, they have to prove themselves against the best teams out there. I do not think that there is a team in this Minor Qualifiers who is capable to win aim duels against these guys, as they are just so much better than the competition in the Minor Qualifiers.



This German roster is filled with veterans, who have enormous experience. They have been in good form lately, as they have 4 out 5 wins in their last 5 matches. But, mostly against lower tiered teams. They rely heavily on their executions and game plan, as they are not the best when it comes to firepower. However, they are certainly able to deliver, as it has been proven in the past, they managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. However, they do not know anything about the newly formed French roster. They have no clue about their strategy, play style or anything similar, and there is always a Zywoo factor, a guy who will just annihilate you.



Both of the teams are in pretty good shape, as they both have 4 wins out of their last 5 matches. However, Sprout played versus Vitality not so long ago, in the DreamHack Open Atalanta qualifiers, and they were dominated, as they lost the match, 2-0. Even worse, they only managed to win 15 rounds throughout both the maps. Furthermore, their best player, Zywoo, did not even had to be at his best.


When it comes to the map pools, there is not much to say about Vitality’s veto. They are just out aiming their opponents on all of the maps, with an exception of Mirage, where they were dominated by Optic Gaming. All the other maps are a safe pick for Vitality. On the other hand, Sprout has a very limited map pool. Their Mirage, Dust 2, and Train are very bad as of late. They are average on Cache, and they have a solid Nuke and Inferno. I could easily see this match-up ending on Cache.



There is not much to conclude about this match-up. Vitality is simply so much better than German squad. They will out aim them on any map, as they are marching towards that Major spot.


VITALITY TO WIN – [email protected]

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