G2 – FaZe Clan, ECS SEASON 6 Europe

Another ECS Season 6 Europe match is in front of us. G2 will face off against FaZe Clan. Both of these teams have been in a slump lately, and this is the match where one of these two teams will have to step up.



Ever since shox demanded a roster switch, and SmithZz and Ex6TenZ were brought into the squad to replace NBK and Apex, things did not go as planned for French roster. They were not able to win a single tournament with this line-up, and something will probably have to change, or their main AWPer, and best player, could actually leave. G2 is trying to base their game plan on a structured plan, that will eventually lead to an execute on one of the sites. However, they really lack firepower, because SmithZz and Ex6TenZ are kind of old school type of player, they are not really a match for future prospects.


FaZe Clan

There is a lot of going on in and around FaZe Clan. There are rumors about upcoming roster changes, that would suit them. Ever since Niko took over the in-game leading role, karrigan lost his spot in the team. The main question is, what can karrigan offer to the team if he is not being an in-game leader anymore. Not much in the terms of firepower. The team is in a very big slump at the moment, and they have to start grinding. FaZe tends to play an aggressive, loose style of CS:GO. If they gain momentum, they can stump everyone, as they have proven that in the past.



G2 and FaZe Clan faced each other a lot, 26 times to be more exact. FaZe came up victorious 20 times, which say a lot about this match-up, while G2 only won 6 times. As we all know, they will face off on Inferno, which was a decent map for both of these teams. Between themselves, they played Inferno 5 times. G2 won 3 times, while FaZe managed to edge out 2 victories versus French roster. In their last meeting on Inferno, FaZe Clan got dominated by KennyS alone, who had 30 kills in 25 rounds. Inferno is a hard map for an AWPer because there are so many angles to cover, but this is KennyS, the best AWP player in the world.



Both of these teams are decent on Inferno, however, just because of how good KennyS played in their last match on this particular map I would favor G2 to win this. FaZe and G2 are both in a slump, changing your in-game leader can affect a team, especially a superstar team, where everyone wants to play their own game, without any plan or strategy. Even though it may seem that FaZe enjoys playing versus G2(20-6 head-to-head), I do not think that they are comfortable against French roster on Inferno. To conclude, both of the teams are in pretty bad form, but I think that calls and rotations called by Niko will give a lot of free kills to KennyS.

G2 TO WIN INFERNO – 2.95@betway


These two legendary teams will battle it out in the part of ECS Season 6 Europe. Both of the teams have been in a slump lately, some more than others. Both Mousesports and Fnatic have brought in fresh faces to their roster. STYKO replaced Snax in German squad, while twist and brollan replaced flusha and dennis in Fnatic.



Ever since Mousesports added Snax to their roster, they had a very hard time, even versus average teams. STYKO was a support player for the team, he did not mind dying in order for his team to win the round. However, Snax was not that type of a player, and he was not able to adapt to it, so they reversed the decision and brought back STYKO.


German roster prefers playing more strategic, but they tend to drain the clock a lot lately and sometimes it can cost them the round. Their main player is definitely Oskar, who is pretty bad lately. He is definitely out of form, but there are some signs of improvement. Mousesports is a very structured team, they have a plan for every situation, and this is where they have the edge over Fnatic.



There is not much to say about Fnatic. They are a legendary team with some of the best Swedish players. However, they as well have been in a slump lately. Out of their last 5 matches, they have won only once, versus team BiG, in overtime. They shuffled a lot lately, brollan and twist have been brought in to the squad not even two weeks ago, and that may pose a problem for the Swedish roster. To be honest, they have big shoes to fill. Flusha and dennis have been outstanding for Fnatic, but they wanted something new in their career.



These two teams faced each other 6 times. One of the matches went to overtime, where Mousesports edged out the victory on Train. In total, Mousesports won a total of 4 times, while Fnatic has 2 victories against Mousesports to their name. As we can see from their past results, there are maps that Mousesports can easily beat Fnatic on and vice versa.


For instance, they played Mirage 2 times so far, Fnatic got beaten on the map twice, they were even demolished once, 16-3. On the other hand, Fnatic has a very strong Inferno, as they were able to beat German roster 2 times there. However, both of the games were thrillers, 16-13, and 16-12. They also played Train twice, and both of these matches were nail-biters, 16-14, and 19-16.



Both of the teams are not in such a good form lately, but, I would give a slight edge to Mousesports. Roster changes happened for both of the teams, but I do not think that Mousesports will be affected by their switch, because STYKO was their former player. On the other hand, Fnatic never really played in this line-up, and they are still trying to find their footing. I believe that Mousesports is a better team, especially on Dust 2, and I believe they will prevail.


MOUSESPORTS  TO WIN – 1.65@gg.bet


Two iconic teams will face each other in the ESC Season 6 Europe league. Astralis is on a terror as of late. They are dominating everyone, and there is no one able to stop them. On the other hand, FaZe Clan is on a verge of breaking. There are a lot of rumors about Karrigan leaving the roster, which is probably true, but the organization is not able to find an adequate replacement.



So far this year, Astralis played 6 matches in this league, and they won all 6 of them. They have beaten G2, North, and NiP, each of those teams twice. They are playing on an incredible level at the moment and there is simply no stopping them once they get going. Their utility usage was always a problem for aggressive teams, and FaZe Clan is definitely one of these teams.



As I mentioned above, FaZe Clan is in a slump at the moment. They switched Karrigan from in-game leader to rifler, and for now, Niko is FaZe’s in-game leader. Niko is capable of calling, as he had to do it while he was a part of Mousesports. Furthermore, some of their players are not on a level they were a couple of months ago, mostly Rain. He was always known as the anchor of the team, a guy who is able to lock down one bomb site and get multi-kills. However, he is nowhere near his form from last year. Rest of the team is pretty much intact, Niko, Olofmeister, and Guaridan will always produce frags.



These two faced each other for a stunning number of 52 times. Danish roster has a better win ratio versus FaZe Clan, as they have won a total of 27 games versus super team. There were also 6 draws in their matchups and only 19 wins for FaZe Clan. There are some maps which suit Astralis more than FaZe Clan, mostly Nuke and Inferno. Astralis have not lost Nuke for over 20 games so far, they are stomping everyone on CT side of the map. Furthermore, they are able to use grenades to their full potential, especially on Inferno, where their opponents will feel like they have no control of the map, as they would be slowly torn apart by Danes. Furthermore, FaZe Clan lost 8 maps in a row versus Astralis, but that is to be expected, as one team is on the rise, while the FaZe is sinking deeper.



Astralis has a much better map pool than FaZe Clan. I simply can not see FaZe win any of the maps versus Astralis in this form. Furthermore, Astralis will be fired up for this game, as there is always that rivalry between those two teams because they were always the main favorites to lift trophies. In my books, I do not think FaZe Clan is able to compete versus Danish roster, and I think that both of the maps will go to the side of Astralis.


Map 1 winner – Astralis – 1.37 @ betit

Map 2 winner – Astralis – 1.37 @ betit