The legendary team, Virtus.Pro will play in the opener versus 5POWER, a Chinese based organization. 5POWER is kind of an unknown fact, as they have never participated in a similar tournament. Both of the teams are out of form lately, and there have been roster changes happening lately, mainly in Polish roster.



There is not much to say about this team, at least of what is left of it. 3 of their 5 players either retired or switched organizations, but PashaBiceps, and Neo stayed. Their latest additions snatchie and morelz have been brought in to restore their legacy, but they have not shown much. Virtus.Pro enjoys playing slow and patient rounds, however, they also combine it with aggression. For most of tier 1 teams, they are a read book, but for a lower tiered team like 5POWER, they are probably too big of a cliff to climb.



As I mentioned above, there is not much to say about this Chinese roster. However, they have been very active lately. Let’s take 20.10.2018 as an example. They played a total of 11 maps that day, which is crazy. Furthermore, if they are competing so much, they barely have any time to practice their strategies and prepare for upcoming matches, and I can see them struggle in this match-up.



These two teams faced each other twice so far, both times, Virtus.Pro was able to edge out a win. However, the Chinese squad did bring it close, both of the times. The first time, they lost in a 16-14 thriller, while the second match had to go to overtime.


If we are to compare their map pools, we could see a lot of differences and similarities. Lately, Virtus.Pro has been decent on Inferno, Dust 2, and Train, but they are really bad Cache, and their Mirage is not on the adequate level as well. On the other hand, 5POWER is able to perform really good on Mirage, Dust 2, and Inferno. Cache, Overpass, and Train are not their best picks, as they are avoiding those maps for most of the time. In the end, 5POWER has a decent Nuke, but this is mainly Polish permaban.



Even though both of these teams have similar map pools, I would give a slight edge to the Polish roster. They have been on stage for a long time now, PashaBiceps and NEO probably have more LAN experience then entire 5POWER roster combined. Furthermore, Virtus.Pro has always been playing versus some of the best teams in the world, which I can not say about 5POWER. Asian CS:GO scene is not on a European level, and I could see them struggle versus Virtus.Pro. To conclude, Virtus.Pro has a similar map pool when compared to 5POWER, so they can not be surprised with the map pick, and they are also more skilled than their Chinese opponents. I got Virtus.Pro in my books.