Hellraisers – AVANGAR, EPICENTER 2018 prediction

These two organizations will face off against each other in the quarter-final match of Epicenter 2018. I think that AVANGAR does not really know how in the world did they pass the group. On the other hand, Hellraisers are going strong in this tournament, as they only lost to Natus Vincere in a close match.


This organization is rated as the 11th best team in the world, all based on their recent performances. They are playing on an outstanding level so far in this tournament, and they truly deserve to be in quarter-finals of Epicenter 2018.

They enjoy playing a mixture of passive and aggressive style, which can cause a lot of troubles for teams who do not play much against Hellraisers. Furthermore, most of their plays are based on the individual achievements of ISAA and woxic, who are a very strong duo. The only reason Hellraisers are not in semi-finals to is their early challenge, Natus Vincere. They were even able to take the map out of them, but s1mple and his crew are too big of a bit to chew so early in the tournament.


There is not much to say about this team. Somehow they passed the group, as they were able to beat Ninjas in Pyjamas. I do not think that they know how they pulled it, but the fact is they have a chance to advance to semi-finals. They are lacking when it comes to firepower, while ISAA and woxic are fired up. Furthermore, they were annihilated by team Liquid, and that says a lot of the level they are on.


Hellraisers and AVANGAR play against each other for a total of 4 times. AVANGAR was not able to get a single win versus them. It is clear that Hellraisers enjoy playing against AVANGAR’s style of play, as they got all 4 wins against them. Hellraisers won on Cache, Dust 2, Train, and Overpass. On the other hand, the only map AVANGAR can compete on is Mirage, and they have not played on it.

Furthermore, Hellraisers have deeper map pool than their opponents. I think Hellraisers will ban Mirage, as they do not feel comfortable on it, and they will probably go for Overpass as their map pick. I can see AVANGAR going for Dust 2, as they won a lot of their matches there, but mostly against lower tiered teams.


I think that Hellraisers are one division above AVANGAR in every way possible. Mainly, they have better individuals, not just in woxic and ISAA, but bondik and ANGE1 as well. On the other hand, AVANGAR definitely lacks firepower and skill to compete versus those guys.

Furthermore, map pool will cause a lot of problems for AVANGAR, as they are capable of playing 2 maps in total, and there is no way that they are going to play both of those maps tomorrow versus Hellraisers.

To conclude, Hellraisers are a better team, they have better individuals, and a deeper map pool. I can not see in what way is AVANGAR able to endanger Hellraisers in this match-up.

HELLRAISERS TO WIN  – 1.38@ggbet


Another exciting match at EPICENTER 2018. This time group B winners’ match will decide who will go to the semi-finals, and who look for their trophy shot through the harder stage, quarter-finals.


Kazakhstani based CS:GO organization. They are not so known in the higher tiers of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Somehow they were able to defeat Swedish legends Ninjas in Pyjamas. They were able to edge out NiP in three maps, as buster and Jame stepped up massively. Avangar has been on fire lately. They stormed past team Spirit and Imperial in the Epicenter 2018 CIS qualifiers, and meanwhile, they even defeated Kinguin. At the moment they are on 5 win streak, and they are looking really solid.


A North American organization, rated as the second-best team in the world. They have been on fire lately, but somehow they always fall short once they have to play against reigning kings, Astralis. Liquid did not have to play qualifiers, as they were invited to the tournament by the hosts, unlike their opponents who had to battle it out to come this far. Their best player, Twistzz and NAF are playing on a different level, and there is no one able to stop them from producing frags. Their team play is on another level as well. Trade frags are always there, utility usage is on point, everything seems really on time for this team.


These two teams played against each other only 4 times. The North American organization got the best of AVANGAR 3 times, while AVANGAR won only once. AVANGAR was able to win on Mirage, and, they have also pushed Liquid to the limit on the same map, as Liquid edged out the win with 19-15. They also played on Dust 2, where Liquid stomped them. Liquid has also beaten them on Cache.

When it comes to Liquid’s map pool, it is pretty straightforward. They are comfortable on Cache, Inferno, and Overpass, but they are struggling on Dust 2 and Inferno, and lastly, their Mirage is average. On the other hand,  AVANGAR has really strong Mirage and Dust 2. They are average on Train, Cache, and Overpass, and their Inferno is not really good.


Liquid has stronger pool once compared to AVANGAR, except Mirage, which I think will be a permaban for North Americans. Furthermore, they are more skilled than their opponents in every way possible. They have better individuals, better strategies, and overall their team cohesion is great. I was not able to find anything that stands out for AVANGAR, and I can not see them winning a map in this match-up. In my book, this is an easy 2-0 for Liquid.

LIQUID TO WIN 2-0 – 1.75@ggbet

FaZe Clan – Natus Vincere, EPICENTER 2018 prediction

These two contenders will face off in the group A winner’s match. This is a very important match for both FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere, as the winner will advance to the semi-finals, while the loser will have to play quarter-finals.


So far in EPICENTER 2018, FaZe played one game, a total of 3 maps. Their opponents were Finish organization Ence eSports. Ence has been on fire lately as 4 out of 5 matches prior to this tournament. However, they were stomped by FaZe, mainly because of their individual skill. Another important thing in the last FaZe’s match is the defeat on their map pick, Inferno, where they played really bad. As I mentioned above, FaZe Clan is primarily focused on winning aim duels, and that can get them through most of the lower tiered teams, but once they face a real challenge, they struggle.


The Ukranian organization has always been on top of the CS:GO scene. At the moment they are a force to be reckoned with. Natus Vincere showed how good they are versus upcoming roster Hellraisers, as they beat them in 3 maps.

Most of their gameplay is based on individual skill, but they have Zeus, a very capable in-game leader who can read many different scenarios that his opponents will present him with. At the moment, Natus Vincere seems more dominant than FaZe Clan, as FaZe has been in a slump for a while now.


Needless to say that these two teams faced each other a lot in the past. A total of 21 matches was played between them, and Natus Vincere has the slight edge against FaZe Clan. The Ukranian organization won 13 times while FaZe Clan managed to win 8 times.

Furthermore, out of their last 7 meetings, Natus Vincere won all 7 of them. They have been dominating FaZe Clan on Overpass, Inferno, and Mirage.

If we are to compare their map pools we could see a lot of similarities between these two titans. The only sold map for FaZe in the last 3 months is Train. They have been average on Mirage, and really bad on Overpass, and Inferno. On the other hand, Natus Vincere has been thriving on any of the maps they played. Their best maps are definitely Dust 2 and Mirage. They have been average on Inferno and Train, and their Nuke is pretty bad.


Even though this is a match-up between two Major contenders, I do not think that is true. On the paper both of these teams are strong, but in reality, we can see that FaZe Clan is really struggling. They simply can not get going, as they even tried to change in-game leader.

I also feel like Natus Vincere has a stronger map pool once compared to FaZe Clan, except Nuke, but I think that will be a permaban for Ukrainians. Furthermore, Natus Vincere also has mad fraggers on their roster, in the likes of electronic and s1mple. If they are on the level they are capable of being, I think that FaZe Clan stands no chance against Natus Vincere. I got Na’Vi in this one.


NATUS VINCERE TO WIN – 1.71@unibet

Spirit-Fragsters, ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe

These two teams will face off in the ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe. Both of these teams are not as popular as they belong to the tier 2 level. However, there are a couple of reasons why I fancy this match-up.


This Russian CS:GO organization has been around for a while now. Most of their roster is based on experienced players, such as DavCost and Dima. Furthermore, they enjoy playing loose and aggressive style of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, and their strategy is mainly based on them getting picks and following up with an execute on one of the bomb sites. Their best player somedieyoung has to put a lot of effort into every game they play because he is the guy who has to get impact kills for team Spirit. But he has not been thrilling as of late, if he struggles, the entire team will struggle as well, just because they are heavily relying on him.


Another Danish organization that enjoys playing structured, methodic and slow style of CS:GO. Furthermore, they mostly play as a unite, as they always go in pairs to trade each other out. And as you know trades will always favor the Terrorist side, and Fragsters are an excellent T-side team. Furthermore, if they run into a brick wall, there is always refrezh to get them out. He is a prospect for the future, a very talented player who will always step up once called upon, the only thing he is lacking is experience, which he will get over time.


These two teams played against each other 2 times. Both times, Danish organization came out on top. First on Mirage, where they dominated team Spirit, secondly on Dust 2, a real nail-biter, which ended up with 16-14 scoreline. So far in ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe, team Spirit played a total of 11 games, as they won 4 and lost 7. On the other hand, Fragsters only played 6 games. They won 4 and lost 2.

If we are to compare their round differences we can easily see that team Spirit is getting dominated. They have a huge minus when it comes to round difference, a total of -34, while Fragsters have a +9 difference. Fragsters only lost to LDLC(1st place at the moment), and versus team Flow, a 4rh ranked team in the league. On the other hand, team Spirit lost to numerous bad teams, and it is clear as day that they are in a slump, as their best player is struggling.


Once I have compared these two teams, I can see a huge potential in Fragster. They have a better map pool, they are playing much better in the league, and they are playing as a team, not as individuals. However, team Spirit is always relying on one guy to get them the win, as they severely lack firepower. In my personal opinion, Fragsters will dominate team Spirit today.


VITALITY – SPROUT, Europe Minor Open Qualifier 1 – IEM Katowice 2019

As most of you know, Vitality is a new formed French roster, basically a super team. They have been formed not even a month ago, and they are already terrorizing their opponents. Vitality opponent’s for today’s match is going to be German roster Sprout. A  team whos form is mostly hot and cold, and they are very unpredictable.



As I mentioned above, this is a newly formed team, who has to play all the minor qualifiers in order to attend the Major. They have some of the best French players in their roster, and one of the biggest CS:GO prospect in 2018, Zywoo. They are also filled with experienced players such as NBK, Apex, Happy, and RpK. At the moment, this is probably the best French Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team. However, they have to prove themselves against the best teams out there. I do not think that there is a team in this Minor Qualifiers who is capable to win aim duels against these guys, as they are just so much better than the competition in the Minor Qualifiers.



This German roster is filled with veterans, who have enormous experience. They have been in good form lately, as they have 4 out 5 wins in their last 5 matches. But, mostly against lower tiered teams. They rely heavily on their executions and game plan, as they are not the best when it comes to firepower. However, they are certainly able to deliver, as it has been proven in the past, they managed to beat some of the best teams in the world. However, they do not know anything about the newly formed French roster. They have no clue about their strategy, play style or anything similar, and there is always a Zywoo factor, a guy who will just annihilate you.



Both of the teams are in pretty good shape, as they both have 4 wins out of their last 5 matches. However, Sprout played versus Vitality not so long ago, in the DreamHack Open Atalanta qualifiers, and they were dominated, as they lost the match, 2-0. Even worse, they only managed to win 15 rounds throughout both the maps. Furthermore, their best player, Zywoo, did not even had to be at his best.


When it comes to the map pools, there is not much to say about Vitality’s veto. They are just out aiming their opponents on all of the maps, with an exception of Mirage, where they were dominated by Optic Gaming. All the other maps are a safe pick for Vitality. On the other hand, Sprout has a very limited map pool. Their Mirage, Dust 2, and Train are very bad as of late. They are average on Cache, and they have a solid Nuke and Inferno. I could easily see this match-up ending on Cache.



There is not much to conclude about this match-up. Vitality is simply so much better than German squad. They will out aim them on any map, as they are marching towards that Major spot.


VITALITY TO WIN – 1.30@betway

G2 – FaZe Clan, ECS SEASON 6 Europe

Another ECS Season 6 Europe match is in front of us. G2 will face off against FaZe Clan. Both of these teams have been in a slump lately, and this is the match where one of these two teams will have to step up.



Ever since shox demanded a roster switch, and SmithZz and Ex6TenZ were brought into the squad to replace NBK and Apex, things did not go as planned for French roster. They were not able to win a single tournament with this line-up, and something will probably have to change, or their main AWPer, and best player, could actually leave. G2 is trying to base their game plan on a structured plan, that will eventually lead to an execute on one of the sites. However, they really lack firepower, because SmithZz and Ex6TenZ are kind of old school type of player, they are not really a match for future prospects.


FaZe Clan

There is a lot of going on in and around FaZe Clan. There are rumors about upcoming roster changes, that would suit them. Ever since Niko took over the in-game leading role, karrigan lost his spot in the team. The main question is, what can karrigan offer to the team if he is not being an in-game leader anymore. Not much in the terms of firepower. The team is in a very big slump at the moment, and they have to start grinding. FaZe tends to play an aggressive, loose style of CS:GO. If they gain momentum, they can stump everyone, as they have proven that in the past.



G2 and FaZe Clan faced each other a lot, 26 times to be more exact. FaZe came up victorious 20 times, which say a lot about this match-up, while G2 only won 6 times. As we all know, they will face off on Inferno, which was a decent map for both of these teams. Between themselves, they played Inferno 5 times. G2 won 3 times, while FaZe managed to edge out 2 victories versus French roster. In their last meeting on Inferno, FaZe Clan got dominated by KennyS alone, who had 30 kills in 25 rounds. Inferno is a hard map for an AWPer because there are so many angles to cover, but this is KennyS, the best AWP player in the world.



Both of these teams are decent on Inferno, however, just because of how good KennyS played in their last match on this particular map I would favor G2 to win this. FaZe and G2 are both in a slump, changing your in-game leader can affect a team, especially a superstar team, where everyone wants to play their own game, without any plan or strategy. Even though it may seem that FaZe enjoys playing versus G2(20-6 head-to-head), I do not think that they are comfortable against French roster on Inferno. To conclude, both of the teams are in pretty bad form, but I think that calls and rotations called by Niko will give a lot of free kills to KennyS.

G2 TO WIN INFERNO – 2.95@betway

Dota 2 ESL One Hamburg 2018 Preview

ESL One Hamburg 2018

Once again, Hamburg will become the focal point for eSports enthusiasts and fans with ESL One Dota 2 returning to the well-known metropolis and offering the largest Dota 2 event in Europe. 16 teams will compete against each other for six days. Compared to the previous year, this time the number of participants has doubled.

In 2017, the event was held in the Hamburg Barclaycard Arena and this year, the ESL One returns to the renowned site. In contrast to the previous year, the entire event was extended to six days owing to the high popularity of competition in the EU region.

Last year over 10,000 fans watched the event live over a four-day period. In the end, Virtus.Pro beat Team Secret 2-0 and topped Europe’s Dota 2 Champion.

Let’s take a look at this year’s potential contenders who might lift up the trophy.

Team Secret

This year, Secret might not be the reigning champions, but by many bookmakers, they have been rated as the favorites to lift the title. Team Secret has been one of the few teams that have improved just after The International break. All eyes will be on Nisha who will be playing his first competitive competition under a big organization.

Just a couple of weeks ago, they won the Singtel PVP Esports Championship. So it is fair to say that they are the strongest side in EU since other big teams have not participated in any competition or have been eliminated early just like the TI7 champions Team Liquid who are nowhere to be seen at the moment.

Team Secret Dota 2
Credits: GameAxis

Evil Geniuses

Apart from Team Secret, Evil Geniuses and Virtus.Pro are also tipped to be the future champions. For Evil Geniuses, this will a difficult feat since yesterday the organization has announced that they will be playing with a stand-in. So this a huge blow to their title ambition since their first choice, Sumail will not be playing. Sumail was arguably the best player at the TI8. Playing without him won’t help EG’s title ambitions.



For Virtus.Pro, we know that they are the reigning champions. So, the Russian organization should be placed first but that is not the case. The lineup failed to perform at the biggest Dota 2 competition in the World, The International. Before the start of the competition, Virtus.Pro was tippled by many to lift the trophy but they were knocked out in the quarterfinals. Despite the Post-TI results, they have not made any roster changes and surely are a big contender for the title. But their lack of consistency might not get them the title victory.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The team led by the former TI champion, Peter “ppd” Dager is another team to watch out at the main stage. Ninjas in Pyjamas received the direct invitation to the event due to their excellent performance after the Post-TI. The lineup is a mixture of former Team Secret and OpTic Gaming players. The chemistry between the players is top-notch and ppd will be aiming to secure the title under his belt.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Dota 2
Credits: ggScore

Odds on GG.bet

  • Evil Geniuses – 3.50
  • Virtus.Pro – 4.00
  • Team Secret – 4.50
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – 8.00
  • Alliance – 13.00
  • Forward Gaming – 13.00
  • Vici Gaming – 15.00
  • Team Aster – 15.00
  • TnC Predator – 17.00
  • paiN Gaming – 31.00
  • CompLexity Gaming – 34.00
  • Mineski – 34.00


The legendary team, Virtus.Pro will play in the opener versus 5POWER, a Chinese based organization. 5POWER is kind of an unknown fact, as they have never participated in a similar tournament. Both of the teams are out of form lately, and there have been roster changes happening lately, mainly in Polish roster.



There is not much to say about this team, at least of what is left of it. 3 of their 5 players either retired or switched organizations, but PashaBiceps, and Neo stayed. Their latest additions snatchie and morelz have been brought in to restore their legacy, but they have not shown much. Virtus.Pro enjoys playing slow and patient rounds, however, they also combine it with aggression. For most of tier 1 teams, they are a read book, but for a lower tiered team like 5POWER, they are probably too big of a cliff to climb.



As I mentioned above, there is not much to say about this Chinese roster. However, they have been very active lately. Let’s take 20.10.2018 as an example. They played a total of 11 maps that day, which is crazy. Furthermore, if they are competing so much, they barely have any time to practice their strategies and prepare for upcoming matches, and I can see them struggle in this match-up.



These two teams faced each other twice so far, both times, Virtus.Pro was able to edge out a win. However, the Chinese squad did bring it close, both of the times. The first time, they lost in a 16-14 thriller, while the second match had to go to overtime.


If we are to compare their map pools, we could see a lot of differences and similarities. Lately, Virtus.Pro has been decent on Inferno, Dust 2, and Train, but they are really bad Cache, and their Mirage is not on the adequate level as well. On the other hand, 5POWER is able to perform really good on Mirage, Dust 2, and Inferno. Cache, Overpass, and Train are not their best picks, as they are avoiding those maps for most of the time. In the end, 5POWER has a decent Nuke, but this is mainly Polish permaban.



Even though both of these teams have similar map pools, I would give a slight edge to the Polish roster. They have been on stage for a long time now, PashaBiceps and NEO probably have more LAN experience then entire 5POWER roster combined. Furthermore, Virtus.Pro has always been playing versus some of the best teams in the world, which I can not say about 5POWER. Asian CS:GO scene is not on a European level, and I could see them struggle versus Virtus.Pro. To conclude, Virtus.Pro has a similar map pool when compared to 5POWER, so they can not be surprised with the map pick, and they are also more skilled than their Chinese opponents. I got Virtus.Pro in my books.


VIRTUS. PRO TO WIN – 1.42@gg.bet


These two legendary teams will battle it out in the part of ECS Season 6 Europe. Both of the teams have been in a slump lately, some more than others. Both Mousesports and Fnatic have brought in fresh faces to their roster. STYKO replaced Snax in German squad, while twist and brollan replaced flusha and dennis in Fnatic.



Ever since Mousesports added Snax to their roster, they had a very hard time, even versus average teams. STYKO was a support player for the team, he did not mind dying in order for his team to win the round. However, Snax was not that type of a player, and he was not able to adapt to it, so they reversed the decision and brought back STYKO.


German roster prefers playing more strategic, but they tend to drain the clock a lot lately and sometimes it can cost them the round. Their main player is definitely Oskar, who is pretty bad lately. He is definitely out of form, but there are some signs of improvement. Mousesports is a very structured team, they have a plan for every situation, and this is where they have the edge over Fnatic.



There is not much to say about Fnatic. They are a legendary team with some of the best Swedish players. However, they as well have been in a slump lately. Out of their last 5 matches, they have won only once, versus team BiG, in overtime. They shuffled a lot lately, brollan and twist have been brought in to the squad not even two weeks ago, and that may pose a problem for the Swedish roster. To be honest, they have big shoes to fill. Flusha and dennis have been outstanding for Fnatic, but they wanted something new in their career.



These two teams faced each other 6 times. One of the matches went to overtime, where Mousesports edged out the victory on Train. In total, Mousesports won a total of 4 times, while Fnatic has 2 victories against Mousesports to their name. As we can see from their past results, there are maps that Mousesports can easily beat Fnatic on and vice versa.


For instance, they played Mirage 2 times so far, Fnatic got beaten on the map twice, they were even demolished once, 16-3. On the other hand, Fnatic has a very strong Inferno, as they were able to beat German roster 2 times there. However, both of the games were thrillers, 16-13, and 16-12. They also played Train twice, and both of these matches were nail-biters, 16-14, and 19-16.



Both of the teams are not in such a good form lately, but, I would give a slight edge to Mousesports. Roster changes happened for both of the teams, but I do not think that Mousesports will be affected by their switch, because STYKO was their former player. On the other hand, Fnatic never really played in this line-up, and they are still trying to find their footing. I believe that Mousesports is a better team, especially on Dust 2, and I believe they will prevail.


MOUSESPORTS  TO WIN – 1.65@gg.bet


Two iconic teams will face each other in the ESC Season 6 Europe league. Astralis is on a terror as of late. They are dominating everyone, and there is no one able to stop them. On the other hand, FaZe Clan is on a verge of breaking. There are a lot of rumors about Karrigan leaving the roster, which is probably true, but the organization is not able to find an adequate replacement.



So far this year, Astralis played 6 matches in this league, and they won all 6 of them. They have beaten G2, North, and NiP, each of those teams twice. They are playing on an incredible level at the moment and there is simply no stopping them once they get going. Their utility usage was always a problem for aggressive teams, and FaZe Clan is definitely one of these teams.



As I mentioned above, FaZe Clan is in a slump at the moment. They switched Karrigan from in-game leader to rifler, and for now, Niko is FaZe’s in-game leader. Niko is capable of calling, as he had to do it while he was a part of Mousesports. Furthermore, some of their players are not on a level they were a couple of months ago, mostly Rain. He was always known as the anchor of the team, a guy who is able to lock down one bomb site and get multi-kills. However, he is nowhere near his form from last year. Rest of the team is pretty much intact, Niko, Olofmeister, and Guaridan will always produce frags.



These two faced each other for a stunning number of 52 times. Danish roster has a better win ratio versus FaZe Clan, as they have won a total of 27 games versus super team. There were also 6 draws in their matchups and only 19 wins for FaZe Clan. There are some maps which suit Astralis more than FaZe Clan, mostly Nuke and Inferno. Astralis have not lost Nuke for over 20 games so far, they are stomping everyone on CT side of the map. Furthermore, they are able to use grenades to their full potential, especially on Inferno, where their opponents will feel like they have no control of the map, as they would be slowly torn apart by Danes. Furthermore, FaZe Clan lost 8 maps in a row versus Astralis, but that is to be expected, as one team is on the rise, while the FaZe is sinking deeper.



Astralis has a much better map pool than FaZe Clan. I simply can not see FaZe win any of the maps versus Astralis in this form. Furthermore, Astralis will be fired up for this game, as there is always that rivalry between those two teams because they were always the main favorites to lift trophies. In my books, I do not think FaZe Clan is able to compete versus Danish roster, and I think that both of the maps will go to the side of Astralis.


Map 1 winner – Astralis – 1.37 @ betit

Map 2 winner – Astralis – 1.37 @ betit